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We'll pamper your vehicle with our 16 point cleaning system. Your vehicle is meticulously hand washed with our rich body shampoo and lambs wool wash mitt as we remove dirt, bugs and grime, leaving it spotless and streak free. Special attention is paid to cleaning wheels, dressing the tires, cleaning the windows inside and out, dusting down the dash and console area and a thoroughly vacuuming the interior. We even add a fresh air fragrance. This is like no other car wash you've ever experienced! Guaranteed! 

Compact Car               $50

Sedan                         $60

Small Truck/SUV         $65

Mid size SUV               $70

Large Truck                 $85

Large SUV                   $100

Mini Van                       $120

Exterior reconditioning

After prepping your vehicle, we will then hand polish the paint with our special cleansers to remove light oxidation and microscopic scratches to leave a brilliant shine and Mirror Image. Then we will apply our revolutionary Teflon Sealant that will protect your vehicle paint for up to, two years.

Starting Price $175.00

Interior Rejuvenation- For That Feeling of Newness

Carpet and upholstery are vacuumed then shampooed by hand and then with our deep steam cleaning extractor, removing grease, tar,stains and dirt, leaving your carpet and upholstery clean and sanitized.

Then interior is also thoroughly cleaned. the door jambs, trunk, dashboard, ashtrays, side panels, headliners,air conditioning vents and all recesses are cleaned and conditioned. top it off with a fresh air fragrance... the result is a spotless, revitalized interior.

Starting Price: $175.00

The Works - We take care of all the details:

The works incorporates all three services above.

The Deluxe wash,The Exterior reconditioning and The Interior Rejuvenation.

Starting Price $300.00

Headlight Restoration

Having clear headlights is just as important as a having clean windshield, good wiper blades and good tires and brakes. Especially on our rural roads where wild life crossing roads is a constant. Our three step solution will improve your sight distance, offer safer driving conditions, improves lights efficiency, extend the life of your bulbs, keeps lights cooler and improves vehicles appearance.

Starting Price: $60 per Lens

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