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Protect you Automotive Investment

Starting Price $175.00

Future Shield with Teflon Is a revolutionary product that seals and protects so amazingly well, we guarantee it for up to two full years. It puts a protective acrylic shield on vehicles, RV's, Boats and Aircraft. Prevents environmental damage due to naturally occurring oxidation on painted surfaces as well as fiberglass and gel coat finishes.   

Here's How It Works: FUTURE SHIELD WITH ACRYLON Two year paint sealant Chemically bonds and protects the vehicles surface and forms an impenetrable shield that will outlast any polymer or silicone based sealant. Because it contains no wax, it will outlast any ordinary product on the market today.

Once Future Shield cures on the surface of your vehicle it becomes very slippery and resist static, rust, corrosion, road grime,pollution, ultraviolet rays, water spots and other harmful environmental contaminants which can lead to premature deterioration of the vehicles painted surface.  

Here's how it can benefits you: For most people their vehicle is the second largest investment they'll make, besides buying a home. It pays for you to protect that investment. A well kept vehicle shows attention shows to detail and will increase the value of your vehicle at the time of trade in or resale. You will also appreciate the enhance color burst and brilliancy. Care for your vehicle will be greatly simplified by just having it washed at least once a month. We are so confident in the abilities of this product we back the application with this written unconditional two year satisfaction warranty.. If for any reason your vehicle does not maintain its beauty or protection after the application of Future Shield, for two full year, we will re-apply the product at no extra charge.

Here's what it consist of: It's an acrylic-resin based sealant fortified with Dupont Teflon.. Its hard as a rock properties fuses with all types of painted finishes to form a diamond hard shield. Acrylic resin is so durable and brilliant it produces a shine factor of up to 50% brighter than ordinary polish and wax products. It is a compatible sealant for acrylic paints, enamel, lacquers, polyurethanes, clear coats, as well as fiberglass and gel coat finishes.

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