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Our Full Detail (The Works) consist of the Following:

Prices Starting at $300.00

Hand Wash:

Your vehicle is meticulously hand washed, removing dirt and road grime leaving it spotless and streak free.

Polishing and Waxing:

After preparing your vehicle we will then polish your paint with our special cleansers to remove light oxidation and eliminate microscopic scratches and leave a brilliant Mirror Image Shine. Then we will Seal you vehicle with a brilliant Teflon coating. to protect your paint for up to two years. Then buff to bring out the Mirror Image Shine.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet and upholstery are hand shampoo then steam cleaned with our deep cleaning extraction system, removing grease, tar, stains and dirt. Leaving

your carpet and upholstery clean and sanitized.

Interior Cleaning:

The interior is thoroughly vacuumed, Door jambs, trunk, dashboard, ashtray, side panels

headliner, AC vents and all recess are cleaned and conditioned. Top it of with an air freshener. The result is a spotless, revitalized interior.

Chrome, Trim and Glass:

All bumpers, trim and wheels are polished to shine like new. All glass is polished to a streak free clarity.

Rubber Treatment:

All rubber bumpers, tires and seals are cleaned and treated to restore that original glossy shine.

Engine Cleaning (Optional)

Your engine compartment is thoroughly cleaned of all grime and grease with our safe high pressure washing cleaning system, leaving your engine looking better than new.

Interior Fabric Protection (Optional)

For extended beauty of your vehicles interior. Protect your carpet and fabric and velour against stains and spills. Our specially formulated fabric guard with Teflon will extend years of durability and beauty to the interior of your vehicle. Fabric Guard offers protection against permanent stains such as coffee, hot chocolate, sodas, fruit juice, grease and tar. Liquids just bead up so that the spill can easily blotted and wiped away. Treated fabrics also resist fading due to ultraviolet rays.

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